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Happy SmileChet Meek's Page of Puns - Ver 4

... word plays, catchy phrases, and other foolishness.

I take no credit for this material. I am only the collector. Most have come from the Usenet Newsgroup alt.humor.puns; but others have crept in from misc.writing, alt.callahans, humor mailing lists and other contributors. I have made no attempt at attribution (please forgive; ... we only rarely know the original author anyway). Despite that, some show attribution. Where it was there, I kept it.

Newest ones are added at the top in each category.

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Other Pun Pages:

Puns, Word Plays and Related Madness:

Now a few for the younger set:

Here are some BY the Younger Set:

L-O-N-G puns (or Shaggy Dog Stories):

And Finally Some Jokes of Most Any Sort:

  • Quasi-Canonical List of Oxymorons
  • Act naturally          Advanced BASIC           Airline food
    Almost exactly         Alone together           British fashion
    Clearly misunderstood  Definite maybe           Diet ice cream
    Exact estimate         Found missing            Genuine imitation
    Good grief             Government organization  Legally drunk
    Living dead            Military intelligence    New classic
    Paid volunteer         Passive aggression       Peace force
    Political science      Pretty ugly              Resident alien
    Same difference        Silent scream            Small crowd
    Soft rock              Sweet sorrow             Synthetic natural gas
    Taped live             Temporary tax increase   Terribly pleased
    Tight slacks           Twelve-ounce pound cake  Working vacation
    2 more: out of synch:  jumbo shrimp             plastic glasses

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