Series 9 - ... Renovations, Summer and Autumn of 2011 and beyond

Below are the photos in this series. They will be augmented when and as available during the renovations, scheduled for 18 July through 6 December 2011 and beyond. Currently plans are for minor flooring and other internal renovations, and construction of a new portico entrance and platform. Click on either the photo or the linked caption to see an enlargement (and often a more complete caption). To view all the pictures, select the first one to start. Then, at each photo, an option is provided at the top of the page to go directly to the next photo, back to the prior photo (or to return to this or other series, to the series titles on the entry page, etc.).
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Temple renovations 2011 - tear out of front steps and cladding on columns supporting the old portico roof (20 July 2011). Other cladding is being removed (20 July 2011). ...
The renovation tear out begins (mid-July 2011). Other cladding is being removed also. ...
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